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Welcome to Iliochori the town of the sun situated in the 'Epirus's hard in the nord of Greece. A place that anybody can not miss the opportunity to visit for any reason!
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This site, created in 2002, was born to publicize and promote the village of Iliochori located in the region of Epirus, in northwest Greece.
Following this, in 2008, Michalis Zambakos has launched a new website:

The photography of Igoumenitza has been taken from the site of, while that of Thessaloniki from the site of the university of the city: and that of Athens from the site of For the reproduction of any page, or part of it, is necessary to send a demand mail to specifying the reference

Aunt Maria NascioccaA first thanks goes to my aunt Maria Nasciocca for the contribution that has supplied to me, especially for the part that regards the history of Iliochori, the festivities etc, but above all for her kindness and sweetness, become a true institution for Iliochori.
I thank Michalis Zambakos for his help in supplying me material profit to the site.
I want moreover to remember and thank Antonis Gitas for the iconographic material and the translation in Greek; and all the persons who in some way have supplied me information, reported anecdotes, uses, customs and traditions.

The french version of this site has been fully managed by Silvia Popescu Vazdoaga.

Iliochori - Dobrinovo: At the borders of the world where time seems to have stopped, full of music, dance, rhythm, history, adventure, magic. An encounter with one of the last still existing paradises.
Spiti to Mellis in Iliochori
Spiti to Mitzos in Iliochori
Spiti to Tzoulakis in Iliochori

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