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Welcome to Iliochori the town of the sun situated in the 'Epirus's hard in the nord of Greece. A place that anybody can not miss the opportunity to visit for any reason!
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The Christmas in  IliochoriIts one of the religious holidays more important that the inhabitants of Iliochori celebrate with big presence. Lots are the families of Iliochori that live in other cities that they came back in these occasions. According what N.Exarchos say in his book "Dobrinovo", the 22 december the women of the town made the bread in the house and they gave to the childrens who they went in house in house, singing the Christmas songs. Its tradition to cook the lamb the kid and the milled meat to symbolize the birth of Christ. The wine on the table symbolize the festivity and its always sip.
The women of the house maintained always the fire on, day and night. The bells of the church of Aghios Nikolaos at midnight announce the Christmas


The chuch, is situated on the road for Aghios Mantheas. That is leaving from the plane-tree more procisely from the church of "Aghios Nikolas" towards the church of "Aghios Athanasios" following the old road for the mill was situated the church of "Aghios Antonios". Where on the 17 of January used to take place the mass in his honour. On the way back they went to those that they celebrate the name-day.

The mass was take place in the in the present church of "Aghios Athanasios" that is situated under the town, on the old road for Laista.

Was one holiday really felt from the people of Iliochori. The families go to the vineyards around the town celebrating and praying the Saint to create the climatic conditions for a good year.

The carnival was celebrating by light big bonfires on the different part of the town. According as is reported by the book of N.Exarchos, published in 1933, "To Ndobrinovo", it tells how the inhabitants of the town spend the Carnival. The first week began with the slaughtering the lambs and with the first teast and a toast "God Bless the souls". The saturday was tradition for the women and the girls of the town to go in the cementary to visit the graves of the defunts, dressed in black, with the hands committees placing the candels and decorating the graves with walnuts and sugar, offering to the defuncts. The author asserts to have found a scholastic notebook in the house of the brother of Ioannis Chaido, in which exist a memory of Georgios Tsoulakis how it was spent the Carneval in Iliochori in 1900, before emigrating in America. 20 february of 1900 was the last week of Carnival and they use to go out arond the avenues of the town. It was gone around the town so that alle people could see them dressed in costums, the evening met to in Mesochori where, accompanied by violins and clarinets, the danced. Today the carnival in Iliochori is celebrate with more joy regarding the past, only few elderly of the town maintains the tradition to celebrate the Carnival as it was use to make in the past.

Always in the month of February and March celebrate the holiday of "Aghios Theodoros".

The Easter in IliochoriIts another of the religious festivities more important that the inhabitants of Iliochori celebrate with great participation. Lots are the family of Iliochori that live in other cities that they came back in these occasions.



The church was situated in the locality (Astiagia) 1 hour ½ of road at the botton of Iliochori. In the holiday of "Aghios Ioannis" was habit to banqueting seafood.

This holiday was in honour of the Prophet Elia of the Patron Saint of Iliochori. Is an holiday religion and folk-lore, in fact the women of the town few days before they go to the church situated in front of the town, to prepare it suitably for the holiday's day.
The folklore holiday, start the evening of the 19 July. At the center of the square the Iliochoriti start the traditional dances of the Epirus, and in particularly (peculiar) of the region of Zagori, with the music of the orchestra ( Ta organa ).
The morning of 20 July happens the religion's holiday: The faithfully cover by walking the road that from the town brings to the church of the prophet Elia: at the end of the function; they go to the houses of the people that celebrate the name day for the wishes. Always the same evening on the main square of the town there are again the traditional dances until the first lights of the morning. This holiday is occasion of many people urinary of this place but they live fairway, to go back to Iliochori. The holiday attracts even to many visitors from the towns; eager to teast typical dishes and wines of the region of Zagori

This festivity is very felt not only in the town of Iliochori but in all Greece. In Iliochori it is custom to go in church for the religious function that is carried out in the Church of Saint Nikolaos beside of the great plane-tree.

The church was on the locality of "Lipochori" at half street between Iliochori and Vrysochori. This holiday was the meeting between the communities of the two towns. Today the religion ceremony is in the church of Aghios Minas. Even for this holiday was usual eating fish.
At present after the religion function they convene in the house of one family where they invite sweets, coffee, zippuro and even dried cod fried, that remand the tradition.

It's celebrated on the church of Panaghia dedicated to the Virgin Mary fairway 800m from Iliochori.
The actual church is there where in the ottoman period existed one monastery are evidences the ancient icons in the church.
At north of the church hidden among the bushes there is one catacomb still intact used by the monks in case of necessity.
On the church of Panaghia can admire even now one Venetian bell dated 1896. This bell was donated to the church of the town from one Greek family emigrated in Venice to escape from Turkish's.

Iliochori - Dobrinovo: At the borders of the world where time seems to have stopped, full of music, dance, rhythm, history, adventure, magic. An encounter with one of the last still existing paradises.
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