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Welcome to Iliochori the town of the sun situated in the 'Epirus's hard in the nord of Greece. A place that anybody can not miss the opportunity to visit for any reason!
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To get to Iliochori is very simple if following the indications reported in the site or if you prefer print them out and bring with you.

Dall'Italia per IliochoriIn Greece can be arrived by the Italian ports of Trieste, Venice, Ancona, Bari, Brindisi and Otranto for the ports of Corfù, Igoumenitsa. Many italian and greek shipping companies which link
Italy and Greece in all the periods of the year. From Igoumenitsa has also origin the Via Egnazia (Egnatìa Odòs in Greek), a modern motorway, that crosses the mounts of Pindos allowing quick communications with Ioannina, Thessaloniki and even with the farthest Istanbul. In fact the arterial road, is arrested to the borders with Turkey, after have crossed Macedonia and Thrace.



Da Atene per IliochoriIliochori is easy to get also from Athens. It can be taken the plane from the Eleftherios Venizelos Airport with two daily internal flights of the duration of an hour for the Pyrros airport, an infrastructure of great importance. Exiting from the airport on the right takes the cross-road for Konitza. Using the car, taxi or bus it is had a new network motorway from Athens till Ioannina in approximately 4 hours. For those who loves panoramic views they can admire the new bridge Gefyra: (Bridge that connects Rio Antirio): constructed in occasions of the Olympic Games of Athens 2004, one futurist work of engineering.

Da Salonicco a IliochoriAlso from Thessaloniki, the second large city of Greece for number of people, can be arrived to Ioannina. Leaving from its airport can be used two daily flights for the airport of Pyrros. Iliochori can be get by car, bus or taxi, more easy covering the modern motorway Via Egnatia, that it takes the name from the ancient way, extension of the Via Appia that connected Rome with Costantinopoli. The motorway, part of the E90, begins from Igoumenitsa and, after to have crossed the chain of the Pindos, it passes for Thessaloniki, continuing for Thrace till the borders with Turkey. The greek public transport system KTEL supply the connections with Athens and Thessaloniki beyond that with Igoumenitsa and other cities of Epirus (Preveza, Arta) and of Tessally (Larissa and Volos).

Da Corfu a IliochoriAlso from Corfù, the Island of Achilleas and where Ulysses is disembarked from the return to Ithaca; with direct flights towards the city of Ioannina for the Pyrros airport. Or with the ferries that sail for the second port of Igoumenitza. Take the motorway Egnatia for Ioannina distant 45 minutes. Once in Ioannina, take the cross-road for Konitza, exiting from Ioannina, in direction of Konitsa, after 19 km, on the right, finds the cross-road for Zagori. After exceeding the towns of Tsepelovo and Skamnelli, passing for the locality Gyftocambos and letting on the right the cross-road that brings to Laista, after some km is arrived to the town of Iliochori.

Da Igoumenitza a IliochoriOnce arrived at the port of Igoumenitsa take the motorway Egnatia for Ioannina distant 45 minutes, can be booked the bus with the main greek bus company Ktel: that covers all the Greek territory. Exiting from Ioannina, exceeding the airport in direction of Konitza (town of the horses, from the Slav Coni=horse), after 19 km, on the right, finds the cross-road for Zagori that after 50 km will brings to the town of Iliochori.


Once arrived to the city of Ioannina that has an airport King Pyrros, used after the single domestic flights, carried out above all from the companies Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines the road for Coniza is feed.
Going out from Ioannina in direction of Coniza(Town of the horses, from the Slavo Coni=horses) after 19 km; on the right we can find the cross-roads that after 50 km will bring at the town of Iliochori.

View of Ioannina croass road for Iliochori the monument dedicated to weman of the Epirus

On the way after 6 km on yours left you could admire the monument dedicated to weman of the Epirus.
After 3 km we will find on the right the road for another little town called Elati, at that point we have to take on the left for Iliochori.

After 1 km we find on the left the road for the towns of Vitza e Monodendri and the road for Kotzani. To get for Iliochori we have to go on the right.

cross-roads for Iliochori cross-roads for Iliochori cross-roads for Iliochori

Keep going after 3 km we find the cross-roads for Dilofo( Another tipical town of the Epirus)
After 2 km on the right we can admire the river "Voidomantis" with its carateristic bridge called "Ghefira".

After few metres we find on the right the road for Cuculi (Kukuli), where we can admire the bridge of Plachidas or "Calogerico" one of the most beautiful bridge of Greece. Our journey keeps always straight.
After few metres more we find the cross-road for Cuculi (Kukuli).

Bridge Gefira Bridge Gefira Gorge of Vikos

After 4 km on your left you can admire the gorge of Vikos(in greek mean strong voice). This is one of most big and extraordinary od Europe.
Suddenly Vradeto (Vradeto= area of fir-trees, from the Vlachic language brad=fir-tree) come into view majestic , since few years ago the only way that puted in comunication between the town the external world.
After 3 km we find the cross-road for the little town of Capessovo.
Soon after we find always on our left the road for the town of Vradeto.
After 4 km on the left we find the road for the monastery "Rengavas Monas Tery".

At 2 km we find the town of "Tzepelovo"
Passed this latter we find the town of "Skamnelli"

Villaggio di Gyftocambos Villaggio di Gyftocambos Chiesa di Aghios Minas prima di Iliochori

Keep going after 11 km you can find the locality of "Gyftokambos". Here every year, at the first weekend of august take place a big holiday in honour of the Sarakatzani's tribe.
After 2 km on your left you can find a tipical fountain in marble, got it built by a benefactor where gush one of the most fresh waters of Zagoria.

After 1 km we find the cross-roads for "Laista" on the left go on for Iliochori and Vrysochori.
After few km on our right we can admire the church of Aghios Minas in honour of the Sant built by the Tsoulakis.

Church of Aghios Minas Church of Aghios Minas Church of Aghios Minas

After 1 or 2 km here we are at Iliochori (The Town of the Sun)

Iliochori - Dobrinovo: At the borders of the world where time seems to have stopped, full of music, dance, rhythm, history, adventure, magic. An encounter with one of the last still existing paradises.
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