Ηλιοχώρι Ντομπρίνοβο

This is the Website of ILIOCHORI (The Town of the Sun). The name "ILIOCHORI" in greek mean"Town of the Sun". ILIOCHORI one light, a lighthouse of freedom. The town of Iliochori (known in the past as Dobrinovo) is one of the beautiful towns of the Zagori (than in Slavic language means " Place behind the Montains") part of the Community of Tymfis. The town is found to approximately 71 km to the Northeast of the city of Ioannina, situated in an evocative forest to 1050 m. of altitude, in the mountains of Tymfis.

Surrounded by the green forests of holm oak, and highest pines of the Mediterranean. The surrounding territory is covered by many rivers, with characteristic bridges in stone of arc, that they come down to the valleys. From Iliochori it is enjoyed the beautiful view of Tymfis.

It's one of many characteristic towns of this area, whose houses are constructed in stone, with tight and high windows, balconies in wood, and roofs in Plaka. Usually, the houses are surrounded by a courtyard which is through by a large gate, surmount from a lintel covered wood in Plaka too

The place is right to do several activities: excursions on foot, in the forests, on bicycles, and in the waterfalls and the valleys of the Kriopotamos river. In these places, the orthodox religion is a lot felt, testified by the presence of various churches, constructed in the places where the hermits sheltered themselves to pray. Some km before Iliochori it's found the village of the Vlachs that every year attracts many tourists, from every part of Greece and all the world.
Iliochori is found near the National Park of Pindos where it is found still today the brown bear, species protect by the WWF.

The Inhabitants of Iliochoricalls more exactly Iliochorites, are famous for their hospitality, ready to make feel all own comfort, making to taste the specialties of the place. The Iliochorites are famous also for their genuine and healthy kitchen, between the typical plates find the pites with wild grass, pumpkins, feta, and eggs etc

Άποψη του χωριού Ηλιοχώρι από την εκκλησία του Προφήτη Ηλία

Dobrinovo's book